Cablemar,  has been built around fundamental values which have guided us throughout the life of our company, and continue to do so today. Our values have shaped our culture, and they underpin our reputation.

Since the day we were founded, we have passed them on through word of mouth. But now that we are so many, present in an ever-growing number of countries, we believe the time is right to bring our values together in a single document: one which can both inspire us and bring us closer together.

We live in rapidly changing times. It is no longer enough simply to share common convictions. We need in addition to be able to express clearly, through a new document, how we are living up to our   responsibilities in practice.

It brings our  values to life and it shows how they inspire and inform the decisions we make in our day-to-day work.

We all have a responsibility to follow these rules of conduct which drive Cablemar’s integrity and ethical standards.                         

We believe that our commitment to live up to these powerful values, and to demonstrate our high ethical   standards in all that we do, will ensure more than ever that Cablemar is seen as an emplary organisation:   one which inspires trust and respect.



Cablemar attaches great importance to conducting its activities according to the highest ethical standards by complying with all applicable laws and regulations in order to prevent all unethical or illegal behavior.

While carrying out its activities, Cablemar defends the respect and protection of human rights by considering the dignity, freedom and equality of people. Cablemar strictly rejects all forms of discrimination and illegal acts and activities such as corruption, forced labor or child labor.


To perform our sales and after-sales services at the highest level with our understanding of high standard production by constantly improving our market position in the domestic and international cable sector. To ensure the unconditional satisfaction of our customers. To fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, the environment and universal values, to create added value to the country’s economy as a company that can directly respond to the needs of businesses, and to be known by all cable companies around the world.


Cablemar, which does not compromise on quality, is innovative and environmentally sensitive by closely following technological developments, brings together different product groups in the cable industry under the same roof in order to maximize customer satisfaction by providing quality service, and with its customer-oriented approach, it contributes to its solution partners and the country’s economy as a value-creating company.



Understanding the market place in which Cablemar operates and considering the impact of your actions and behaviours on your customer.

To anticipate the needs of its customers and to catch all possible opportunities by providing mutual satisfaction within the framework of the activity.


Honesty is at the forefront in all our processes within the company. We act with integrity and honesty in our relationships with our employees, colleagues and all our customers. Cablemar employees must be honest, fair, reliable and pay attention to moral values. In addition, respectful, honest and fair behavior with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, subordinates, superiors, institutions and organizations should be adopted by all our employees.


Product quality and performance is paramount at all times.

All of us involved in the  manufacturing, marketing  and sales of our products are expected to:

* Apply quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that our customers obtain the highest quality products.

*Comply with all customer requirements on product packaging and labelling.

* Respond promptly to any concerns about possible product safety, tolerance and quality control issues.


All of us who work with and for Cablemar have a right to a healthy, safe and secure working environment.
Occupational health, safety and security is one of our most important principle and it has been documented to ensure sustainability.

We are all expected to:

* Comply with the company’s rules on health and safety at work,

* Take every reasonable precaution to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment,

* Ensure we are not putting ourselves or others at risk by our actions,

* Ensure that we know what to do if an emergency occurs at our workplace,

* Report to management any behaviour, installations or items likely to compromise the safety of our working environment, as well as all accidents, however minor.


Cablemar manages its activities with the help of a documented Environmental Management System. Cablemar respects the environment, and seeks to minimise its environmental impact. We aim to communicate openly about our achievements in this area, as well as our challenges. Many of the activities involved in bringing our products to market have a direct impact on the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to seek to reduce that impact wherever possible. Every small step counts.

We are all expected to:

*Implement Cablemar’s commitment to environmentally-friendly processes,

*Consider how our behaviour in all aspects of our work impacts on the environment, so that we can reduce that impact wherever possible: for example, saving water and energy and avoiding generating waste. Where waste is unavoidable, we must ensure materials are recycled or disposed of in a responsible fashion.

*Take all necessary actions to prevent and stop violations of Cablemar’s environmental policy.

*Evaluating opportunities to benefit from developing technological opportunities.

 Other actions for reducing energy consumption/GHG emissions

* Using the short and most partical delivery routes with service vehicles and product shipments.

* Encouraging personel to use service vehicles instead of private vehicles

* To determine whether there is non-compliance with the flue gas measurements made periodically and flue gas emission measurements.

* Prevent unnecessary water consumption

* To reduce waste generation and send recycle waste to licence company


Our employees carry out all their processes and transactions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. All employees provide complete, understandable and accurate information to relevant institutions and organizations in a timely manner.

Our company; It keeps an equal distance from all institutions, organizations, non-governmental organizations and political parties, without any conflict of interest.

All our activities and transactions at home and abroad are carried out within the framework of local laws and international law.


Cablemar’s relationship with its suppliers extends beyond the purchase and delivery of goods and services. It is integral to the success of our business. We are evaluated by the quality of the relationship we have with our suppliers. In particular, we are scrutinised on how we select our suppliers, and how they demonstrate their commitment to doing business responsibly.

We are proud of our reputation for dealing with suppliers in a mutually supportive and open way. These relationships are based on the principles of impartiality, fairness and loyalty and we respect their independence and identity.


We respect all stakeholders in our professional sphere, including competitors. We treat them the way  we would like them to treat us.

We are all expected to:

* Avoid any contact with competitors where confidential information is discussed,

* Refrain from knowingly taking action to cut off a competitor’s sources of supply,

* Never allow new recruits to Cablemar to share confidential information about competitors for whom they used to work.


Cablemar works sensitively to ensure equal working conditions and environment. During recruitment, each candidate is evaluated meticulously, regardless of age, nationality, gender, culture, religion or language, and job placements are made in accordance with legal requirements. Our employees see cultural differences as a value and are conscious of providing a fair working environment.


 It is one of the most important responsibilities of all employees to avoid the possibility that the company name and identity will negatively affect the profile and image of the institution. Our employees cannot enter into any personal financial relationships with customers and suppliers, and they cannot use business relationships to impose sanctions for their own interests and benefits. They cannot use the information they have obtained as part of their operational work in a way that would lead to unfair gain. Employees take care to protect the company’s interests and avoid any action or behavior that could mean benefiting themselves or their relatives.


Our company is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. We treat job applicants, as well as those who work in our company, fairly and do not discriminate in any way. We comply with all applicable laws, and in our employment decisions (such as the recruitment process, hiring, training, salary and promotion) we consider individuals based on race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, citizenship, Any kind of discrimination such as disability or retirement status is not allowed.


We work sensitively to effectively eliminate all forms of coercion and child labor. For this reason, the recruitment age is applied according to local laws and the child age is considered to be under 18 years of age according to local laws. Young Employees between the ages of 15-18 are hired temporarily only as intern employees within the training program. Young Employees who do not have an Intern Student Certificate issued by the school cannot be employed under any circumstances. Cablemar does not work with suppliers who are not sensitive about child labor and forced labor.

Additionally, forced or compulsory labor of any kind should not be used. Employees are free to leave their jobs, provided that they fulfill their obligations within the framework of legal laws. Employees are not employed through threats or pressure.


We believe that corruption is unacceptable. Bribery is a form of corruption  and is illegal in most countries particularly where public officials are involved.

Our fundamental duty is never make offer or promise cash or services (including gifts and entertainment) to government personnel, other officials and those who influence them is our fundamental duty.

For detailed information, please review the “Bribery and Corruption Prevention Policy” on our website.


Accuracy and honesty  are our fundamental principle. We  ensure that accurate financial and business records ara maintained at all times. We maintain our records securely.


Cablemar employees avoid asking for, accepting or offering aid, gifts or benefits to third party persons or organizations that may affect their behavior for themselves or anyone else.


Personal and company information, such as confidential and proprietary information, process-related information, financial information, information about customers and suppliers, information about the private life of employees, continues to be protected and kept confidential even if our employees leave the job.


Company assets and resources are for company use. It cannot be used for personal purposes. The resources provided by the company cannot be used by any employee for personal benefit or the personal interests of others. Employees should be aware that intentional use of company assets for personal purposes is contrary to the Cablemar Code of Ethics.


All employees and relevant parties are obliged to comply with the values ​​and rules specified in the Regulation. Violation of this Code or applicable laws or regulations will result in serious disciplinary action, including termination of employment and/or termination of employment.

As part of its commitment to ethical and legal behavior, our Company expects Covered Parties to report instances of violations so that actual or alleged violations of the law, this Code, or ethical standards can be appropriately investigated and appropriate action taken. This obligation applies wherever there is a reasonable suspicion, without any certainty, that a violation has occurred. For information on reporting violations, please see the “Whistleblowing Procedure”.

Failure to comply with the obligation to report wrongdoing also constitutes a violation of the Code and may result in serious disciplinary action, including dismissal and/or termination of employment. Our Ethics Board will investigate all reports and will not permit any retaliation following good faith reports or complaints.

Anyone required to comply with this Code is obligated not only to report violations but also to cooperate fully with any investigation of the alleged violation. Failure to cooperate with investigations or knowingly providing false or misleading information may be punishable by penalties up to and including termination of employment for employees or termination of business relationships with customers, suppliers or third parties.

All Interested Parties must support the values ​​of the Code of Ethics. As a result, anyone who notices a possible violation of the principles set out in the Code of Ethics should report this violation to

Our company protects the anonymity of the reporter and ensures that he or she is not subject to any retaliation, regardless of the method by which the matter is reported.


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